I could not believe it. But back to firewire I haven’t got that far yet, But I need one of them camera, But I am looking for a special camera me not knowing much about camera’s one that I can use to capture animated art I create and one that you can shoot long distance like at a church group,maybe add paniramic view to. Figured I would do this before my little ones awoke and required my attention. No comments Comments posted by aaron from Other, June 18, This Rocks, as I use either Studio or the pass thru option on my camcorder to capture Analog.

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I got play back within the capture window. I’m posting this as a hardware issue because it relates to the pinnacle av dv card, but it might be equally at home in the BIOs forum. If it installed in the default location, it should have no problem finding the program.

Sat, Dec 3 8: I pinnacle av dv my brand new Pinnacle av dv DimensionIntel P Originally Posted by Terrister Glad you got it. So after selecting it I loaded a tape in the VCR and hit play. Am I suppost to have studio up while it is down loadingguess what I am saying is how do I need to tell it where to put qv down load?

No comments Comments posted by S.

Studio 11 and 12 Hardware Compatibility List – Knowledge Base

Please inform me how to get the driver properly installed so that the Pinnacle analog capture will function. This Rocks, as I use either Studio or the pass thru option on my camcorder to capture Analog. I am still looking around for the best web host for my site for what I need. Things are looking good. The book that came with the card does not real explain how to setup the card up or the Pinnacle av dv plus 9 software to do this but it say it can do it.

At this time, I had a VCR plugged into it. Slot for Pinnacle av dv or only for wifi card? My only work on the computer so far, network for internet and control of the old drives on my older pinnacle av dv.

Pinnacle Studio AV DV Version 9

I can understand clear instructions and follow even complicated computer issues through fairly well. I could not believe it.

I planned to do some capture tests from my camcorder. No comments Comments posted by Randy from Other, Pinnacle av dv 31, Each device is listed separately in Device Manager. I likewise incline toward multiplayer as in numerous individuals at one area diversions are pinnacle demanding and more fun on supports.

Optiplex mini tower no video on power up. I have not been able to get the timeline viewed on a TV connected to the output of this device. This link can provide you more info: I have a pro-blamous? No comments Comments posted by 2kmaro pinnacle av dv Other, July 05, Things pinnacle av dv looking good.

File attaced of screen capture as I was not pinnacle av dv to place it inside pinnaclle post. It came with my copy of Studio.

Any Internal capture card: Page 1 of 1 5 items. Regards, Mack Your Passport. If you have any more questions on this, feel free to post them.