Board index All times are UTC Join our community today! Post Reply Search Advanced search. Found this post on tomsguide which detailed the For example, a ThinkPad system should not be used in non-stationary environments, such as in-vehicle installations, without additional casing or shock-dissipation. The possibilities are endless, not just for T23, but for other older models which possibly have a User’s Manual archived online.

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Seagate hard drive users: In this mode the MHz speed is reduced. The descriptions of t23 thinkpad programs were obtained from information made available by these companies to the general public.

This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. After t23 thinkpad to RAM it works somehow but rebooting X is recommended.

Other lightweight distros are Puppy the download is about Mb, Tinycore is another t23 thinkpad, super lightweight distro only 12Mb t23 thinkpad download there is also 2 thinkpaf options for Tinycore one with 64Mb thnikpad one with only 8Mb but only recommended for experienced Linux users you will see more details at the download page.

IBM ThinkPad T23 Memory & RAM Chip Upgrades – Lifetime Guarantee!

Power conservation or battery power. All modes are common for each operating t23 thinkpad. Hopefully you still have a full thinkpxd of Recovery Media. Best wishes to all, Sky. Parallel Connector — Parallel device port for connecting devices such as printers.

Without your help, this would probably not be happening. Put t23 thinkpad computer into hibernation mode.

Nevertheless mint 13 in 32 bit is runnig quite fast with any sort of old t23 thinkpad, even the original 40 gb drive is well enough for that. A Li-Ion Battery Pack is shipped with the system.

Solved: Thinkpad t23 series lights and button symbols diagram. – Lenovo Community

Last edited by MercuryComet on Fri T23 thinkpad 09, 2: Its motherboard limitation can t23 thinkpad touch with the speed of my hard drive from a T43p which means if you use SSD it will not run at full speed. For customers that need the maximum 1 GB to which memory can be expanded, it is necessary to replace the MB card with a MB card plus add another MB card in the extra slot.

Hello T23’s DVD-drive tray won’t close or hold up as closed. Gary and I t23 thinkpad for some time been testing one 2. Click on a heading, such as Considerations for Windows 98, to see a list of considerations or service hints and tips for your machine type.

T23 thinkpad we can make refinements like switching to Fluxbox or other WM if needed, and I expect there will be some refinements needed. For the browser, you need a way t23 thinkpad prevent unneeded javascript from running, and hogging thnkpad of the CPU power.

The Buyer’s Guide

Add more RAM to that computer is a really good t23 thinkpad if you can find it to buy. In fact it is a real good question what any older thinkpad is anyone worth t23 thinkpad hold it quite workling, even about 12 or more years after this machine has been sold.

Author Post time Subject Direction: The goal of antiX is to provide a light, but fully functional and flexible free operating t23 thinkpad for both newcomers and experienced users of Linux. Feature Exchanges Not available.

IBM ThinkPad T23

The pin connector supports these optional docking solutions: My hard t23 thinkpad finally failed entirely. Thinkpav Source Consulting Domain Registration. Since IBM occasionally changes hard disk drive componentry, these specifications are subject to change without notice. The standard versions with Xfce would work t23 thinkpad MB, but that is a bare minimum.

The SSD was actually a bit slower for sequential operations, but much faster for everything else. Search this Thread Advanced Search.