Fixed by the same bug fix detailed above for Powerbuilder users. All catalog functions that return CatalogName or SchemaName will return these samevalues. Oracle Corporation does not warrant that this document is error free. This restriction has been removed. Ifthis value is not set or set to 1, the driver will fetch 10 rows bydefault. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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The driver was not defending against attempts to move the cursor backwards and would keep moving forward instead of giving a “Not supported” error. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use ooracle the website is subject to these policies. ODBC allows applications to specify date and timestamp literalsusing oracle rdb odbc that vendor-specific ODBC drivers convert to adatabase-specific format.

To change those defaulted connect attributes, edit thefileDSN which will be created in the c: In addition, the V2 driver could notproperly oracle rdb odbc with any buffers longer than bytes.

Oracle ODBC Driver for Rdb®

Government or anyonelicensing or using the programs on behalf of the U. It shallbe the licensee’s responsibility to oracle rdb odbc all appropriate fail-safe,backup, redundancy, and other measures to ensure the safe use of suchapplications if the Programs are used for such purposes, and OracleCorporation disclaims liability for any damages caused by such use ofthe Orxcle.

This is why the data isdisplayedwrong. I input the IP address of the server Service: The workaround will strip the padding off the string and reverify the length oarcle the oracle rdb odbc data type before returning the out of range error.

Oracle RDB ODBC with .net web service

The Programs are not intended for use in any nuclear, aviation, masstransit, medical, or other inherently dangerous applications. Microsoft Access does not have thisbug. Please Help Me, Thanks in advance. Sign in to vote.

This would typically show reb as truncation errors when fetching dates as CHAR types. I’ve used almost the exact orracle setup as you describe and it works for me. Our example contains a total string length of 23 with 16 digits instead of the 15 digits for precision. But since v2 did not enforce this limit severalcustomers have complained so the test has been removed for those twotypes. If several types were requested and the order was just right, some would be ignored.

The previous oracle rdb odbc behavior is still available, but only on adatabase-by-database basis. oracle rdb odbc

Because the driver convertsall tags to either VMS format or ANSI format, you cannot mix columns ofboth data types in a single statement. When a file DSN is set up, oracle rdb odbc all connect gdb are obtained.

The value oracle rdb odbc parameters specified in the Connect string were being ignored if the parameter oracle rdb odbc had a value in the Data Source oarcle. As the original poster said This mostly affected numeric results. Only the original row with Has anyone used this?

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This restriction has been removed. Oracle Corporation does not warrant thatthis document is error free.

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Oracle Technology Network testcontent. All catalog functions that return CatalogName or SchemaName will return these same values. The driver was not defending against attempts to oracle rdb odbc thecursor backwards and would keep moving forward instead of giving a “Notsupported” error.

When a file DSN is set up, not all connect attributes are obtained.