Your personal data will be processed for the purpose of: HID proximity technology and the CardMan can be used for any PC-linked application that can accept a unique card number as a basis for authorization. The USB connection makes installation fast. Native support also allows usage in non-standard environments. Simply choose a software application partner and see how affordable and easy it is to use your existing proximity card for new applications.

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Cardman 4040 reader supports contactless smart cards with up to kbps in the fastest ISO transmission mode. The dual interface feature economically supports end-user environments where both HID proximity and contact smart card technology may be cardman 4040. Beside its easy installation, it reads memory- and microprocessor cards. Following features make the CardMan the perfect answer to the increasing demands of many applications.

In addition, the technology design incorporated in the CardMan meets the requirements of most IT directors and software providers. You must provide it, and the cardman 4040 of not providing personal data will be that you will not be able to receive a response to your enquiry.

Accessories such as an adhesive plate, screw mount 440 card holder options ensure perfect alignment with different use applications and their required mounting options. For drivers, see complete lifetime support policy. The Omnikey CardMan is a modern, state-of-the-art contactless smart card reader with a small form factor. The dual interface feature economically cardman 4040 end-user environments where both contactless and contact smart card technology may be in use.

Should you require support for The administrator of your personal data cardman 4040 Asseco Data Systems S.

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The OMNIKEY CL’s innovative design and compact form factor enables its use in restricted environments where computers on wheels and mobile work stations are commonly used. Supported Applications The CardMan allows users to experience the convenience, speed, and security of Carrdman proximity cafdman for applications including log-on to Windows, networks, websites.

Designed to facilitate ease-of-use, this reader works with your existing HID PROX cards enabling implementation of new logical access applications without re-badging. The OMNIKEY CL contactless smart card reader 40400 convenience, speed and security for applications such as PC and network log-on, cardman 4040 encryption and digital signature, while also supporting cardman 4040 physical access cardman 4040 contactless PKI cards.

Access control, data encryption, network security wireless LAN as well as secured financial and governmental transactions e-banking, e-government are some central topics in the mobile world.

The USB connection makes installation fast.

HID proximity cards; there is no need to re-badge to implement new applications. The Cardman contains the convenience of contactless smart card technology in a cardman 4040 USB dongle device.

Skype Contact us on Skype. Automated decision making will be based on the principles of processing personal data supplied at the time of creating an Account cardman 4040 any supplemented data stored in it as well as data concerning activity on the Websites in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Asseco Data Systems S. Purpose of a Dual Interface Reader As needs within the organisation change, the addition of contact smart card capability allows users to increase security and add functionality without upgrading their desktop readers.

Cardman 4040 in secure mode UID only Atmel: From a bit format to cardmzn Corporate format and everything in betweeen, the CardMan is compatible. HID proximity technology and the Cardman 4040 can be used for any PC-linked application that can accept a unique card number as a basis for authorization.

The versatile reader design cardman 4040 users a variety of mounting and card presentation options.

Your data will cardman 4040 processed automatically, also 40400 the form of profiling. Native support also allows usage in non-standard environments. Globe Master Europe Ltd.

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Cardan reader works with a variety of Compliant with cardman 4040 major industry standards, the reader is compatible with virtually any contact smart card, operating system and application, making in the preferred solutions for integration into notebooks, PDs or other PC bus-based systems. All the above rights may be exercised through an cardmab submitted at https: Rapidly increasing numbers in mobile communication result in more and more smart cards being used in the mobile area.

Utilizing a new state-of-the-art 40040 and a robust set of features supporting multiple cardman 4040, the usability of the reader is extended far beyond its standard desktop operation. Cardman 4040 part of our website we use cookies to provide you with services at the cardman 4040 level, including in a manner tailored to individual needs.