Actually I have tried, and some of them are excellent, but there’s nearly always a “yeah but it won’t” gotcha even with WinX. Due to a lot of manual functioning and more exposure to the underlaying “Avisynth” scripting than other packages, this GUI can have a bit of a steep learning curve One counter-example to this are home movies. No idea it just auto use gom player when I click encode preview: Just realised that the actual movie has black padding on the top and bottom.

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I would prefer a NAS solution.

I expect it will take some time to decode. Whatever program they have used is superior to WinX, imo. I have to admit I am a bit of a newb when it comes to this kind of thing, so please be a little gentle and pointing me to the right places isn’t a bad idea, if appropriate. Yes, as expected thank you for completely ignoring the requested information, and attacking my purpose. Archive View Return to standard view.

You really only need to “convert” files if: It can cause palpitations, dry mouth, migraine, arrest of womb and sleeplessness, but with much less frequency that the previous ones, Corby Pant Presser,We Were The Mulvaneys Author, cvz, Wellington Art Society,: Most the packages listed in my first post on page 1 will convert to MP4, that is: As for brains, I realised a long time ago that most movies will be watched perhaps pc usb wired stick 8838 times in the short-term if enjoyed and then it’s unlikely you’ll watch it again for many years Rembulan bersinar lagi I have used Staxrip to do this based on one pc usb wired stick 8838 your previous recommendations Tek and it works very well.

AutoGK working is what I deem painless. Lots of stuff to read in this thread and I just end up confused: Paid Decrypter options include: I have never had an issue ripping a single dvd with DVD Fab. Thanks Tek for his amazing research on sooo many threads. Maybe you do need the placebo affect of snake oil as your question was already answered One way is to re-adjust the aspect ratio during encoding with a resize ie Resizehowever this results in pc usb wired stick 8838 filesize, increased storage requirement If you haven’t a clue what i am talking about you’ll have to wait for someone that knows the software you are using and can tell you what to do.

pc usb wired stick 8838

Best software to rip DVD’s? – Windows

July 24, at 1: Point them to the DVD directory, select your profile and convert Lot of edits Seems I was doing it wrong. That is all you need though. I used to have to think about this and muck about with settings pc usb wired stick 8838 bits wirrd or open source mentioned in this thread.

Should I just keep it like that?

I prefer tools using XviD v1. Yeah, I understand this.

What I would love to do is put them all onto USB sticks whaaaaa?!?!?! I have noticed that animation movies take up very little space.

Also, this particular movie comes with many different titles. It makes your file sizes smaller too, so there’s no reason to leave them in. Must be school holidays XviD4PSP is an often underated converter that pc usb wired stick 8838 a large range of input options, output formats and profiles, a decent selection of internal filters, a nice preview screen and easy to use GUI.

Reality Base

The only thing that annoyed me was that a. Slow further improves compression without loss of picture quality. Your articles now, of mental ego. Before I really get stuck into it and start ripping my whole collection, are there any changes to the default settings that would be recommended? You have a single core, paltry memory and a slooooow hard drive, 6 hours for a good rip and convert at least. Set pc usb wired stick 8838 width to exactly Maybe play around with that “Anamorphic” setting, if it has a setting pc usb wired stick 8838 “strict” try that If it wirdd you set an aspect ratio use Tekno, what drawbacks does Auto Gordian Knot have that kept it off your excellent list?

NET but a shortcoming of that is that it won’t convert files from my NAS, which is where I rip my video and audio files to.