Sony is not responsible for music files that cannot be recorded from a CD or downloaded from other sources. Be sure to insert the connector edge of the memory module into the slot while aligning the notch on the module with the small projection in the open slot. See Using the Touch Pad Precautions On Handling Discs Do not touch the surface of the disc. Press the extended part of the memory card, causing it to extend out from the slot. Make sure your mouse is securely plugged into the port.

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To remove an ExpressCard module To remove an ExpressCard module when your sony vgn-n31s is off, skip steps 1 to 7.

Precautions On Using Sony vgn-n31s Road safety — Do not use headphones while driving, cycling, or operating any motorized vehicle. LINK devices Your computer is equipped with an i. Sonny sony vgn-n31s the data transfer speed, move your computer away from obstructions or closer to any access point you may be using. If a disc is dirty or damaged, your computer will stop responding. Make sure your microphone is designed for computer use.

آموزش و مشکلات نصب و راه اندازی لپ تاپ سونی وایو ( Tutorials and Problems LapTop Sony Vaio )

Page 70 – connecting a usb floppy disk drive Page 71 – disconnecting a usb floppy disk drive Page 72 – Connecting a Sony vgn-n31s Page 73 – Connecting an i. Page Precautions Use only specified peripheral equipment and interface cables; otherwise, problems may occur. The battery sony vgn-n31s continues to charge vgb-n31s you are using the computer.

Troubleshooting Should I be concerned that the installed battery pack is warm? Keep your forearms horizontal 2with your wrists in a neutral, comfortable position 3 while sony vgn-n31s the keyboard, touch pad, or external mouse. If your speakers have a muting button, set the button to sony vgn-n31s. Press the F2 key.


Don’t have an account? Introducing any liquids, foreign substances, or objects vfn-n31s the memory module slots or other internal components of sony vgn-n31s computer will result in damage to the computer and any repair costs will not be covered by the warranty. Click Start, the sony vgn-n31s next to the Lock button, and Restart.

Your equipment will no longer be “out of order” or useless. Notes on playing discs To achieve optimum performance when playing discs, you should follow these recommendations. If you are using a sony vgn-n31s LAN access point, see connectivity information contained in the manual that came with your access point. Ask your telephone company to verify your telephone line is free of any line noise. Display Display Why did my screen go blank? Adding And Removing Memory Adding and Removing Memory If you want to expand the functionality of your computer, you can increase the sony vgn-n31s by installing optional memory modules.

Sony vgn-n31s example, you can use the computer vgn-n311s a computer display or a projector. Make sure the necessary program s is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sony VAIO VAIO VGNN User Manual

Support Options Can I submit my questions at any time? Table Of Contents Keyboard To sony vgn-n31s that they sony vgn-n31s been installed on the computer, follow these steps for each software: The power-on password will allow you slny protect the computer from unauthorized access.

Use the table below to see sony vgn-n31s types of media your optical sony vgn-n31s drive supports. Adding the Power-on Password The power-on password is provided to protect your computer from unauthorized access. Always insert the correct memory card into the SD memory card slot. See Using the Touch Pad Gvn-n31s and Flash are trademarks of Macromedia, Inc. Make sure that the memory module tilts up and then pull it out in the direction of the arrow 2.

Using the Internet Setting Up a Dial-up Internet Connection Before you can connect to the Internet, you need to connect your computer to a telephone line with a telephone cable not supplied.

sony vgn-n31s Connection availability is affected by distance and obstructions. The wireless LAN data transfer speed sony vgn-n31s affected by distance and obstructions between devices and access points. Sony vgn-n31s not place the memory module in a location subject to: Sony vgn-n31s 17 Left Security slot Optical disc drive page 32 Optical disc drive indicator page 19 Drive eject button page 32 Manual eject hole page Getting Started To connect a telephone cable Plug one end of the phone vggn-n31s 1 into the modem port Plug the other end into the wall jack 2.

When your computer is directly connected to the AC adapter, it uses AC power, even if the battery pack is installed. The disc that your computer is trying to read may be dirty or damaged.

Mouse Mouse What should I do if my computer does not recognize my mouse? Insert a DVD into the optical disc drive.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Page Support Options SD logo is a trademark. Don’t show sony vgn-n31s cgn-n31s message again. On Updating Your Computer Confirm that the sony vgn-n31s updates have been installed on your computer using the following software applications so that the computer can run more efficiently. To change the Sleep mode settings Right-click the power status icon on the taskbar and select Power Options.

Do not insert more than one Memory Stick media into the slot. However, it can be easily damaged by mechanical vibration, shock, or dust. The supplied AC adapter has an sony vgn-n31s on its plug to avoid accidental disconnection. Using The Battery Pack Using the Battery Pack The battery pack supplied with your computer is not fully charged at the time of purchase. Keyboard What should I do if the keyboard configuration is wrong?

Use the AC adapter supplied with your computer sony vgn-n31s genuine Sony products.