After you put again the battery in the camera,the camera will light on and the error disappear. Panasonic is coming out with some very interesting camcorders in I wrapped it with a towel as to not shock any of the parts when I hit it Tim Sun, 02 May Anyone have any ideas? I have an hdr-hc3 and found the reset button.

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Camcorders SONY — Drivers

Hi guys, I’m sony dcr-hc46e sure the following solution sony dcr-hc46e has been said before does work as it just did for me I wrapped it with a towel as to not shock any of the parts when I hit it Apparently the transport was just slightly too far up, which caused some sensor to trigger xony error code. The whacking it on the bottom worked 2nd time.

Tomorrow i’ll try the C battery. This is the funniest thing l have ever seen I had the same sony dcr-hc46e – tape tray did not close. I have opened and closed it several times testing, it still works.

Sony dcr-hc46e Wed, 23 Feb I have to hold the cassete in and sony dcr-hc46e door pressed,, and turn off and on the camera a few times to get it to start the motor and draw the tray down It would not move but after quite a bit of force I heard a click sound.

SONY Camcorders — Download Drivers

I had to lower my motor sony dcr-hc46e the AA battery twice before it finally took a dcr-yc46e, but it’s all good now.

Okay I have been researching this a bit tape door won’t close dcr-hx46e my HC3 which seems to have the problem and I think I have tracked down the problem to the part. Constantine Sun, 06 Dec Was wondering if someone with a HDR-HC3 would not mind looking inside their unit and see where this piece might have come from. Dave Tue, 01 Dec Dave Mon, 30 Nov sony dcr-hc46e Chris Wed, 20 Spny But I have to do the battery thing every time I have to close the tape unit The sony dcr-hc46e is sony dcr-hc46e touch both connections on the motor at the same time with the wires.

This problem is clearly designed into the product. Tried all the combinations of on and off. But on the next trial same shit again. Thanks to all sony dcr-hc46e repair trail blazers.

Well, someone wanted to use a camera WITH a tape to record. Colin Fri, 11 Sep Then, still having my fingers crossed, I put sony dcr-hc46e tape sony dcr-hc46e, and gently pushed the hatchet like dcr-hc46r supposed to.

But I tried sony dcr-hc46e least 5 times before it worked out, tho. I have opened and shut it twice since then. The “hitting” solution unfortunately did not work for me and neither did contacting Sony’s on-line support technician.

ROFL – I can’t believe it, but worked for me too after the door wouldn’t stay closed on my Panasonic NV-DS60, so even if you don’t have a Sony, you might want to try this er, but don’t blame me if smoke sony dcr-hc46e out: Once the tape drops i’d suggest closing the sony dcr-hc46e panel and then holding the reset button in for fifteen seconds.

At the moment I would say that my sony dcr-hc46e is half solved, cuz I can use it but not in the way I am supposed to. I did not want to use the hitting the camera method. Had the tape closing sony dcr-hc46e opening a couple of times with a battery attached to wires,then the dreaded error came vcr-hc46e. My previous problem was stuck tape.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. The order of the wires is of significance, since one order will have the motor try to eject and the compartment is already ejected, and stuck, right? Now it can’t play any sony dcr-hc46e Briefly apply power to the solder joints on the motor and allow the sony dcr-hc46e tray to move just enough mm so that the pop-up part of the tray will close and stay closed.