Apparently, the first hard drive was damaged somehow. My issue is now I have a black screen but the lap on lights above the key board turns on and off. January 15, at 3: Turn on the laptop when the bezel is removed. I have the same model pictured dv , except mine has the fingerprint recognizer for easy log-in.

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Hi, if I take the battery out and start it, it gets to where I have to choose OS and then it goes ping and turns off. Just for clarification it is the wire that can be seen in step 8.

Well, I live in Southamerica. This guy has a slightly different but related dd HP fixed it and then told me to extend my warranty.

Said it was common, but didnt actually look inside. All you have to do is release the cable.

November 2, at 4: Yes, in order to use the laptop with an external monitor you have to be able to turn it on first. Too many people are struggling HP notebook problems.

Where once i simply had to tap it I know have to apply significant downward pressure with a screwdriver for it to turn on. This laptop is almost 5 yrs old. Dvd writer model ts-l632 5, at 5: Please list the items that I need to remove in order to replace it.

How to take apart HP Pavilion dv6000

March 29, at Take a look at this post: I see Beth managed to find a manual. Before taking everything apart, I re-installed the hard drive, and attempted to power on again. If anyone know how to fix this or a good place to take it into, please let me know. Are the cables not working one looks a little flimsy? I am afraid of re-building the machine that I might loose all the imp data. Can you hear any noises when the laptop turned on?

So I ordered dvd writer model ts-l632 laptop and decided to try this, I will let you know how it goes, at worst I will havbe to replace the mother board to get it working again, Thanks for dvd writer model ts-l632 help, Ken. I have a dvUS. I updated the driver for it, it worked, and i was getting the internet in my browser without a network cable plugged in.

How to take apart HP Pavilion dv – Inside my laptop

Try reconnecting all cables sriter can access. I was able to turn it on and everything on the hardrive was in working order except for a few drivers that needed to be installed.

If you have a problem with the sound card, the entire motherboard has to be replaced. I cannot tell without looking at the dvd writer model ts-l632.

Most likely the problem is related to the DVD disc. Try removing memory modules one by one. My last resort is to reset the BIOS by pulling the battery.

April 28, at 3: What could be the other problem? How can i change that? Spray compressed air into the fan. I believe the power button board is connected directly to the motherboard via the ribbon cable. Hi i have a question about my laptop is dv and dvd writer model ts-l632 bought it back in in circuit city dvd writer model ts-l632 was alive, and one Friday night i was working on my laptop and it was powered up charged full battery plug in into the charger all day.

I dont know if the above questions made any sense lol…. I put everything back the way it was but I can modeel longer open the unit to use. Dvd writer model ts-l632 had a customer that needed a new lcd screen and I was a little nervous doing this on my own.