Can I ask why none of your network configurations have a default gateway configured? You seem to have a better grasp on the optimal network setup. Have a good week-end. I get back in today, RDP into the parent and it’s just plain fast If you have any thoughts I would love to hear them! Thank you for the response. Even MS mentioned that the solution can be deployed with two nodes To be exact, we believe it is Three nodes as minimum.

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First, I rename network adapters as below:.

Romain Serre March 13, at 9: Romain Serre February 27, at I will get back on this issue soon. The reboot is also faster than desktop experience. Romain Serre February 9, at 3: I believe it was due to not btoadcom cache?

Brosdcom you very much: So this is weird Ryan November 3, at 4: In fact I check veeam, CommVault too, but this is too large and complicated for me, because I just need to run a small agent to sync the file maybe.

Do you have experience with that kind of a problem? You have to remove the volume and recreate it to 3-Way.

Steve Wang February 26, at Jur March 21, at 9: I had to change SSD because they was weared out. Andes March 3, at 2: I have had this issue also. Was actually thinking of calling into Acrd Support and having their experts help me out so I can cut to the chase What can be done? Romain Serre January 10, at I hope MS will fix it because this is not recommended for production enviroments. I am not too familiar with Hyper-V at the enterprise levelbut I would look if you can create a switch and assign the NICs to that, broadcom 5720 qp 1gb network daughter card add your clients to the switch.

2-node hyperconverged cluster with Windows Server

Once the second server has rebooted, we can configure the directory has below:. Romain Serre March 3, at Could you try to disable the cache Set-ClusterS2D -cachestate disabled and try again? Romain Serre December 29, at 9: Brozdcom for the reply. I see you are using 1 NVMe per node as cache. Tripple Tee February 20, at 1: It will do this throughout the transfer.

So in your situation, dauhhter should install 4,8TB of cache. If this works then the issues is NIC related perhaps an OS featurebut maybe down to the client drivers and settings and not the servers. First, set disk as retired. Question for you regarding backup. Great article, thank you!

After all drivers are installed, I configure the server name, the updates, the remote connection and so on. The best-written article of this type I have ever seen.

If so, what would happen if the NVMe fails on one node? Hi, I have just gone through your two nodes solution, and learn a lot.

If I find a solution I will let you know.

Aleksei March 7, at 9: I am curious to see if this is a setup problem, or does my hardware truly not support Storage Spaces. Hyperconverged solution is a daughger complicated than smartphone.

Disable VMQ absolutely everywhere. Hi, I have had this issue also.

I can’t say this is something I have seen personally, but this does sound very NIC related, hence my suggestion to dismantle the teaming of NICs, teaming usually adds another layer to the mix and if not designed to work with certain applications can cause more issues than aids.

In some cases you may need to use this command in addition to the above optional: Thanks to everyone for broadcom 5720 qp 1gb network daughter card posts and input!