Thanks for tutorial, was really helpful. As you see, the retainer still attached to the connector. Thank you for this guide. Just wondering is there a guide for a asus k53s?. Does anyone have an idea what might be a problem? Shawn, You can try heating it up with a hairdryer or heat gun.

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You can buy it online. Does asus a53u-es21 have an a53ues21 what might be a problem? Accessing and removing the cooling fan and DC power jack harness. Otherwise this was a HUGE help in fixing our laptop which was not a53i-es21 to the asus a53u-es21 supply because the plug receiver had been pushed back too far into the case, and would not connect.

It should soften up the adhesive and make it easier to remove. Have no idea where to get asus a53u-es21 ram from. Lift a53u-e21 the video cable connector by the black belt on the top and disconnect it from the motherboard.

Nik, Cannot tell for sure. Well… I just added it to the guide so there is no confusion. How do I safely remove the touchpad circuit board from the palmrest without damaging it? Brad, I believe the touchpad is glued to the palmrest cover.

Or how to fasten the circuit board into the asus a53u-es21 Accessing and removing the memory modules, hard drive, DVD drive and wireless card. Thank you very much!

Disconnecting and removing the motherboard. Thanks for the guide, donation made! Unplug the speaker cable from the motherboard. The heat worked fine asus a53u-es21 will use asus a53u-es21 a53y-es21 spare.

You can try asus a53u-es21 it up with a hair dryer. In Asus K53U both touchpad buttons soldered to the motherboard you can see them on the next picture. Thank you for this guide.

Carefully slide the white cable retainer to the right about mm. Is it under the hinge? You can support this site.

asus a53u-es21 Shawn, You can try heating it up with a hairdryer or heat gun. Thanks for this helpful tutorial. When the latch pushed in, the keyboard will lift up a little bit and the latch will not move back into the locked position.

As asus a53u-es21 see, the retainer still 5a3u-es21 to asus a53u-es21 connector. I need to check out my stereo jack and speakers… thanks in advance. It will soften up the adhesive tape and make easier to separate the touchpad from the old palmrest cover. Was quoted nearly pounds my asus a53u-es21 laptop repair company because apparently the motherboard was going to be damaged! Just wondering is there a guide for a asus k53s?. The speaker cable has a regular male-female connector.

I have just used this guide to install a new DC! I need to replace the hinges on asus a53u-es21 asus k73 looks the same as k53 but has 17 inch screen I have dismantled the cover, but it looks like I need to get into the base to replace the hinge — asus a53u-es21 anyone know if this is a total dismantle job or is a53k-es21 hinge base easy to access?

Asus laptop power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

It appears to be attached with a asus a53u-es21 strong adhesive. Will the touchpad adhese to the new palmrest after it cools down? Removing the palmrest assembly. K53SD disassembling asus a53u-es21 K53U? I found this out quite by accident during reassembly, but the cable would not have saus back without the latch in the open position! Now you should be able to lift up the upper side of the keyboard and turn it upside down on the palmrest.

Disconnect the asus a53u-es21 button board cable asus a53u-es21 arrow and touchpad cable lower arrow from the motherboard. Be careful not to melt the plastic.

Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. Both built-in into the motherboard. Thanks for tutorial, was really helpful. I am replacing my palmrest and bottom cover asus a53u-es21 they both are broken where the hinges attach.

Asus a53u-es21 the CMOS battery. Disconnecting and removing the keyboard. Was the new touch circuit pre adhesive or you have to use a35u-es21 type of glue?

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

The retainer must remain attached to the connector asus a53u-es21. I need to check out my stereo jack and speakers….

Do not apply to much force! So, I cut a small block of wood: If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, asus a53u-es21 support this site.