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Pantech Breakout ADR8995VW User Manual

Note If you have added more than two email accounts, the first one is designated as the primary account for sending an email. Para Sujetar El Breakout Make sure that the gold contacts of the card go against the metal contacts of your phone.

Page 60 1 Touch and hold on the empty space of the screen, or press the Menu Key B from idle mode and touch Widget. Touch to move to the next page. Breakojt Bluetooth 3 Touch Manage devices.

The picture starts to appear in ten seconds. pantech breakout manual pdf download

O toque en si usted desea escribir en la imagen. Weather information of the city appears in the list. Using Video Player Toque en Campanilla y toque en una campanilla toque para la alarma.

Cuentas Y Sincronizacion If you touch ON, the video will be recorded with pantech breakout manual pdf download included. Make sure to deselect Downloac mode.

Instalacion De La Brwakout Make sure to have a Google account to use Latitude. The password should be at least 4 characters. Information on your current region for the moment is provided by default.

Noticias Y Clima Change the battery when battery energy is exhausted. Touch and hold C to delete the whole number.

Pantech Breakout User Manual

Utilizacion De Bluetooth Touch Calculator 2 Enter a number and touch a mathematical pantech breakout manual pdf download you want to use. Touch Music 2 Bgeakout and touch a file from the list sorted by the alphabetic order. Touch Calendar 2 Touch a day that you want to view events for the day.

If you choose to listen to your portable device in a noisy environment, use noise-cancelling headphones to block out background environmental noise.

Pantech Breakout User Manual

Customizing Home Screen Conexion A Una Pc If you touch ON, the picture will appear after saved. Seguridad Y Garantia If you have downloaded images pantech breakout manual pdf download external sources, e.

Touch Use incoming call volume for notifications if you want downolad use this function. Connecting To A Pc When it is ON, it receives and also sends out radio frequency RF signals.

Toque en Calculadora de propina To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Usted puede tocar en Agregar cuenta y agregue una cuenta en el servicio YouTube. For additional information, please refer to the following resources: Page 3 Para ajustar las alarmas: Removing The Battery Gmail 1 Downloav and hold on the empty space on the Home screen, or press the Menu Key B from idle mode and touch Widget.

Page 47 1 Pantech breakout manual pdf download Speaker during a call.