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The top of the pile should be left uncovered. One long table will be kept in media room along with some stools. Put a final layer of straw on top, so the top of this final layer is musjroom.

Mushroom Spawn Production Technology

The incubation chamber will be air tight fitted with light and U. No water should collect inside the mushroom spawn production pdf download. Open the container and press it gently, to make sure all the spawn has been emptied out. Are you sure you want to delete this list? To boil wheat and to prepare media for culturing.

One table, with two stools are to be kept in inoculation chamber. This makes a ventilation hole, and filters out harmful microoganism s. The moisture content of the straw can be checked by rolling a handful of straw into a ball and squeezing it tightly. Be careful not to give them too much water. The straw should be soaked in a container of mushroom spawn production pdf download. Keeping in view of demand for mushroom, it is urgently needed to have one spawn lab in each block. Remove them from Saved?

The straw is then piled up on a cement floor and covered with plastic or sacking.

Mushroom Spawn Production Technology | Mushroom | Spawn (Biology)

Put a clean piece of cotton in the mouth of the bag. One autoclaves are required to sterilize the media in culture tube and wheat medium in spawn bottles.

The major constraint in mushroom production is nonavailability of spawn. Sign up to vote on this title. Spawn Production for the Mushroom Industry. Use a sharp knife to cut 4. The limewater contain s 2 kg of slaked lime per kg dry straw, with as much water added as is needed to just cover the straw.

After wards musroom conditioning machine can be fitted to maintain desired temperature. Three roomed house productioon some equipments, furniture, glasswares, chemicals and some other accessories are required to start spawn lab. The cuts should not be in a line around the bag, as this will weaken the bag. Chula with Cylinder are necessary.

If 50 to mushroom growers will be developed in a cluster of villages to grow minimum one quintal to two quintals of mushroom per day, one spawn unit can be set up there to feed the spawn to these mushroom mushroom spawn production pdf download.

Oyster mushrooms Pleurotus sp. Each mushroom spawn production pdf download should be 3.

Mushroom Spawn Production | Compost | Mushroom

Open the bag and put a handful of straw dpwnload it. Initially incubation chamber can be made in ordinary room mushroom spawn production pdf download some iron rocks to accommodate spawn bottles. You can improve the germination rate by mixing the spawn with rice husk, at a ratio of 1: Close Dialog Are you sure? To keep spawn bottle or pouches, some iron racks are needed in incubation chamber.

This action might not be possible to undo. Bagging and Culturing the Spawn. The mouth of each bag should be pointing upwards.

Four roomed building will be essential to state spawn lab. Mushroom spawn must be purchased commercially, unless it is provided by an extension center.

Mushroom Spawn Production

Fourth room will be kept as store room. If your hand remains dry, you should add more water.

Continue to productipn 3. The bags should be covered, sheltered from wind and light, but with good ventilation. The maintenance of aseptic condition in inoculation chamber is must for production of quality spawn. Total Plinth area of spawn Lab.

The bags should not touch each mushroomm, but should be a few centimete rs apart. If your hand is wet, the straw has the proper moisture content.