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By contrast, the PDF symbol is a complete data structure that includes data identifiers that allow automated pdt to understand and process all of the pertinent label data without assistance from the user.

Mil-Std 129R and RFID Labeling — DoD References

However, for all type of containers the basic format such as National Stock Number NSNitem description and part number are mandatory. The more information you have the better. Also included are helpful guides from DCMA. Views Read Edit View history.

MIL-STD – Wikipedia

While this change has reduced the number of labels required, there are other benefits to both vendors and the DOD. The marking helps the military personnel to fill the necessary requisition, when a particular stock goes short of the balance level. This page was last edited on 28 Mayat Revision R to Mil-Std went into effect February 18, This standard has been approved to be used by mil std 129 pdf download United States Department of Defense and all rownload government agencies.

By replacing the numerous linear bar codes required under Mil-StdP 4 with a single two-dimensional PDF symbol, the DOD makes it possible for automated data collection systems to read all of the information about a shipment, including the UIDs and serial numbers.

Keep up to mil std 129 pdf download MIL-STD standard is used for maintaining uniformity while marking military equipment and supplies that are transported through ships.

ASSIST-QuickSearch Document Details

Items must be marked for easy identification before they are transported. A primary focus of the revision was the use of two-dimensional PDF bar code symbols to replace linear bar codes on all container identification labels. Retrieved from ” https: Packaging and labeling stv accordance with the military mil std 129 pdf download can be complicated.

With Mil-Std Revision R the DOD continues forward in its mil std 129 pdf download away from the use of linear bar codes that have served the defense downloac well for the past thirty-five years but no can longer carry sufficient data to support the modern automated supply chain. Mil-StdR – Figure 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This all can happen as containers roll down conveyor belts, as now happens with automated RFID-driven material handling.

Linear downooad codes are not efficient for this purpose, and in actuality are not even mil std 129 pdf download of representing a full thirty-character serial number on a standard label, much less a fifty-character UID. Military of the United States standards. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For the DOD, the use of the PDF allows the depots to mil std 129 pdf download the labels with automated data collection systems, which is virtually impossible with the linear barcodes due to the lack of data identifiers.

Mil-Std R – Official Standard. The linear bar codes lack intrinsic data identifiers, requiring the user of a bar code reader to manually identify and map the bar code data into the data system.