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Yet substantial evidence exists to the contrary. Sample Reading Downliad Question. Given this, an ongoing, careful review of how school textbooks depict Native Americans is certainly warranted. Two researchers, for example, have conducted studies that suggest that children’s attitudes about particular cultures are strongly influenced by the textbooks used in schools.

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Test your ability to analyze information and draw a conclusion in this sample reading comprehension question. One argument against my contention asserts that, by nature, textbooks are culturally biased and that I am simply underestimating children’s ability to see through these biases.

Some researchers even claim that by the time students are in high school, they know they cannot take textbooks literally. The questions in this group are based on the content doqnload a passage. Although textbooks evaluate Native American architecture, political systems, and homemaking, I contend that they do it from an ethnocentric, European perspective without recognizing that other perspectives are possible.

After reading the passage, choose the best answer to each question.

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Answer all questions following the odwnload on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage. In essence, textbooks stereotype and depreciate the numerous Native American cultures while reinforcing the attitude that the European conquest of the New World denotes the superiority of European cultures. This page has been successfully e-mailed.

Verify the email contents. Click Next to send or Back to edit. Which of the following would most logically be the topic of the paragraph immediately following the passage? In some textbooks, for example, settlers are pictured as more humane, complex, skillful, and wise than Native Americans.

My research suggests, however, that textbooks that address the place of Native Americans within the history of the United States distort history to suit a particular cultural value system.

Schools expect textbooks to be a valuable source of information for students.